CR4YC from a distance

Facilitators and team leads have been connecting and sharing stories from Changing Results for Young Children and Strengthening Early Years to Kindergarten Transitions.  How Early Learning Educators are adapting practice and support during this time is inspirational.

Strengthened understanding and practices for the social and emotional well-being of young children is now more important than ever.

CR4YC is committed to supporting young learners and their families as well as deepening networks among educators and communities – especially during this unsettlingly time. What has been explored, and is beginning to be demonstrated is how teams are moving forward in virtual ways.

sharing stories from a distance: profile: Kindergarten teacher

I am wondering about connection to our wonder children? Can we still see and hear our children from a distance? ~J.Delvecchio

I was feeling the same way …and then I was inspired to dig deeper to find that connection by finding new ways to “listen”, to challenge myself to broaden the definition of what it means to listen in this context.

Right now I feel like my blog is becoming a hub and I’m the facilitator, facilitating snippets of conversation and so now my goal is to try and make that grow. I’m going to challenge myself to hold small group zoom chats to try and make that happen…my wonder child’s one concern was not having a space to share her work, to be seen and heard and that has guided me throughout this process.

It is a journey that I will look back on with amazement, I think, when we start seeing the bigger picture of what we have accomplished! ~Darlene Allanson, Kindergarten Teacher, Burnaby, CR4YC


Thank you to all CR4YC and SEY2K participants for supporting Early Learners in your communities and districts!

Share your stories here. How are we seeing and listening to our children, connecting with them in new ways during this time?

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