2019-2020 CR4YC Provincial Network Session

October was about regrouping in our third year of Changing Results for Young Children where we celebrated growth, momentum, successes and each other.  Facilitators and leads, representing 47 communities with stakeholders, met to elevate our work, celebrate related work and learn about new research in the realm of supporting Social Emotional Learning in the Early Years across the province.


CR4YC Provincial Network Session presentation:

Maria LeRose, Maureen Dockendorf, Sharon Jeroski, Jennifer Delvecchio

Maureen Dockendorf and Melia Dirk from SD53 discuss the Seamless Day during the panel discussion led by Maria LeRose

Laurie Kocher: BC Early Learning Framework


Kim Schonert-Reichl presented new and updated research in the area of Social and Emotional Well Being

Maria LeRose and Kim Schonert-Reichl discuss current research.

We are moving forward excitedly with determination and eyes and hearts wide open.

We are thankful to:
Our educators, wonder children and their supports from 47 CR4YC communities;
Our CR4YC project leads, research team, academic and network partners;
Our CR4YC facilitators and community leads;
The Ministry of Education and  the United Way of Lower Mainland;
And our Early Learning partners and associates.

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