CR4YC Okanagan

Our site includes two school districts, SD53 Okanagan Similkameen, and SD67 Okanagan Skaha, early years community agencies, SenPokChin School in Oliver, Outma Sqilx’w Cultural School, and Little Paws Child Care and Preschool.

Today we met for our fourth meeting and explored the 7 facets in a variety of ways.  At each of the meetings we have collected pictures and stories of our children in each area using the strategy SEE-THINK-WONDER.

We also explored the Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum from New Zealand, and looked at how the big ideas connect with the
First Peoples Principles of Learning,
and used Inside-Outside Circle to talk about what we have done since time, what happened, what we learned and what we plan to do next.  

Thanks to Cindy, one of our amazing Strong Start educators for giving every person a set of emotion discs and Melia for packaging them up as beautiful Valentine gifts.

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