CR4YC Research Forms

clipboard.jpgResearch and Evaluation: CR4YC

Evaluation of the first year of CR4YC will be based on:

Case studies of approximately 80 children (one for each ECE/teacher) that focus on Social and Emotional Learning and are connected to the Social and Personal Core Competency

  • Instruments:
    • Case Study Cover Sheet
    • Observations of Social and Personal Competence
    • Case Study Summary (not included in this file)

ECEs’/teachers’ observations and reflections about the strategies they use to develop and support SEL for children/groups (approximately 200 separate observations collected throughout the project)

  • Instruments:
    • Recording and Reflecting on Teaching/Support
    • Advice/messages to colleagues (not included in this file)

All data collection and analysis will be: 

  • purposeful, seeking to explore, identify and develop effective practices for supporting the development of social and personal competence of young children
  • strength-based, focused on the competencies and development of the young children in this study
  • collaborative, involving ECEs/teachers as well as project leaders and consultants
  • honouring of the voices of children and their families
  • open and transparent
  • aware of place – tailored to and informed by local settings

download complete file:
cr4yc-research forms-17-18.docx


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