Research and Reports


The results are in.  CR4YR had, and continues to have, a powerful impact on students, teachers and BC districts!  This infographic is a summary of the report : The Impact of Changing Results for Young Readers, August 2015 and synthesizes the findings, testimonials and research over the last 3 years.

In recognition of this, we offer up a visual portrait of CR4YR, and invite you to download and post, share on your social streams, and discuss with your fellow educators.

CR4YR : Changing Results for Young Readers Report 2012-2015
by Jennifer Delvecchio and Sharon Jeroski is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonDerivatives 2.5 Canada License licence


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2014-15 Letters to BC Colleagues

These letters represent the collUntitledective, professional voice of BC teachers as they explore, collaborate, inquire, and reflect on their practice. The teachers from CR4YR have generously agreed to share their words with colleagues who are on the same quest: How can we best meet the needs of our young readers?  We hope these reflections and suggestions help to continue our conversations and start new ones.

Thank you to all CR4YR teachers, teacher advocates and provincial facilitators for your tireless commitment to investigating best practices for student learning.